Up in the clouds

I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful scenery on mount Pelion today.

Unfortunately, it was rather cloudy and I also haven’t brought my camera with me. Nevermind, I just wanted to capture a glimpse of it all.

I would love to come back soon enough and shoot some more pictures (even on a cloudy day), because I know that all this beauty is temporary.


23667407_1709879795709007_1727822546_n 2


Such a perfect day

Haven’t had the time (and the will) to create a fresh post for long time now. I couldn’t get myself to sit down in front of the screen, I guess. Anyway, enough with self-pity.

This time it’s all about Cretan nature again!


Last Sunday, I participated in a hike that took place near Heraklion and it was an open invitation to families, kids and people that haven’t tried hiking before.

Roughly, the path we followed took us from Knossos, an ancient site of the Minoan civilization, to Archanes, a village 15 km south of Heraklion.




Major part of the path and our goal, let’s say, was to walk through Knosano Gorge (http://www.cretanbeaches.com/en/gorges-and-canyons-in-crete/central-crete-gorges-heraklion/knossano-gorge).

Some parts were a bit steeper and harder to walk on, but we were constantly compensated by the beautiful scenery of vineyards drenched in the sun!


Another quite memorable image was this old aqueduct dating back to the times of Venetian occupation in Crete. It is still standing there for the lucky ones to pass by it.



Almost reaching Archanes, I stopped and stared at a lonely little church in the distance. For a moment, this picture felt utterly Greek. It is my favorite one from the day.




Oh, such a perfect day.

Wildly beautiful land


It’s been long since my last post, but I’ve put much love into this new one.


Since I came back to Greece, I was aware of the fact that I won’t be that close to nature as I would like. Whether I like it or not, cities are much alienated from the natural world and it requires some small effort to get into the wild, let’s say. Last Sunday, however, I had this chance of getting some outdoors activity in the nature. Along with the local trekking club, we ventured into a gorge near Heraklion.


I paid attention to every plant and flower around.
I felt like rediscovering the mediterranean nature.




The trail led us deeper into the dry gorge, in a quite rocky part of it. This was the most challenging part in our way, but the scenery all around did not fail to impress.




Looking up in the sky, we would often see eagles flying around. It was something else to feel so close to such proud and impressive animals.



In the last few kilometres, the trail continued sideways and not in the middle of the gorge. We came accross some beautiful, fairytale-like alleys between the trees.


Reaching the end of the trail, somewhere close to a village, we got to admire a true Cretan panorama: olive trees under a blue sky, as far as the eye can see.


All along the watchtower

This time I decided to give a try to the Daily Post photo challenge. It is all about waiting.

Some days before leaving Lithuania, while packing, I looked out of my window and had a WOW moment. It was sunset time. And these Lithuanian sunsets are pure magic. I grabbed my camera, placed it by the window and snapped some photos every few minutes. Yes, I just tried to capture the moment somehow. The colours would slowly and gradually change and I loved how the sky’s palette would bring out so many different hues.

So, there it goes: Waiting



as the sun goes down.

12 months, 4 seasons, 1 year

This is a different post.

DSCN2363 (2)

It is about time and nature. It is about how I experienced time through nature’s changes.

This year I was living and volunteering in Lithuania, in a small city in the north called Biržai. Something that surprised me from the very beginning was the way that human and nature seemed to get along perfectly here. Coming from a city in Greece, I couldn’t get enough of all the greenery around. It looked like this was an endlessly green land. Indeed, it is.

Gradually I was drawn by the charm of nature and started taking photos. Every season, every month had something new and different to showcase. If you would stop and stare, you would notice how the same scenery would change over and over again, while maintaining its beauty.

Life in Biržai had its ups and downs and at times it was challenging just to get through another day. Then I would often turn to nature, which would continue its course with a steady, unaffected pace. There was wisdom in this pace, there was consistency and coherence. It made you feel small, but then again it helped you forget any little problems, ease the stress.

I think that by now the biggest part of photos I took this year is dedicated to and inspired by nature. This year was a year of big and important changes and nature helped me see that there is nothing permanent except change.

DSCN3525 (2)
sunset by Širvėna lake