Cold days – Warm hearts (2)

Oh how I’ve missed the snow!

This was my first thought when I looked at the snowy village of Agios Athanasios. We spent a great Sunday morning there wandering around the picturesque alleys and traditional houses. It was the second day of a weekend excursion I did with friends sometime in January visiting various places in northern Greece.


The snow really brightened our day!
It was mildly cold, so we got to explore as much as possible.


In these two photos, I played along with the door, a potential frame, and the picture behind. While editing, I chose a filter that added an old-fashioned touch to the photo. How do you like it?


Leaving the village we had the wonderful chance to admire this natural miracle! We got to see actual, star-like snowflakes. It was simply amazing.


Cold days – Warm hearts (1)

Another flashback this time, related to my previous post.

Some time in mid-January I went on a weekend trip with two very dear friends of mine. We spent two days enjoying various places and experiences, sharing moments we cherished, exploring a northern part of Greece. All that despite the cold and the rain, the mist and the cloudy skies.


In this post, I’m sharing some photos from our short visit to the waterfalls of Edessa. There we got to see the biggest waterfall in Greece, which measures 70 metres in height, while strolling in a picturesque park filled with tall trees.

The humidity, the mist and the light rain were matching ideally to the whole picture. One could imagine that fairies were hiding between the branches or the brown leaves…


Filled with excitement I started snapping photos of everything that caught my eye. I was super happy to be close to nature for a little while and I tried to capture the moment.

I left this waterfall park with a smile on my face, even if my boots were soaking wet!



It is my blogging anniversary today, by the way! Quite an achievement, as my respective notification stated 🙂
Looking back, I would say that this blog has been and still is such a great opportunity to keep learning and keep growing, in all possible ways. A big thank you to all those fellow bloggers who spent a couple of minutes to stop by, have a look at my photos, leave a comment or two. A big thank you to all the fellow bloggers who share beautiful nature photos, that brighten my day and widen my spectrum. Last, but not least, a big thank you to Lithuania, this endlessly green fairyland. I wouldn’t have started blogging if it hadn’t been for all the natural wonders that I photographed over there.
Anyway, I’m not good with words, but this post sums it up quite well: 12 months, 4 seasons, 1 year. Here’s to keep blogging, here’s to finding beauty in nature!

Variations on a theme

It’s been some time since I posted anything, but I’ve been absorbed by a new pastime, knitting! After some first unsuccessful attempts, some frustration and disappointment, now I cannot get enough of it! I utterly love it and I’m happy to see myself getting better at it every day. Anyway. I got over excited.

This time I’m playing along with the Weekly Photo Challenge, which calls for variations on a theme. Browsing through the photos I captured lately, I stumbled upon a great interpretation of the challenge and it is loaded with cuteness.


Some two weeks ago I went on a weekend excursion with two very good friends. We escaped in the northern Greece, where we got to enjoy a snowy Sunday as well. Strolling through a village at the foothills of Voras mountains we came across this little fluffy creature and it was love at first sight. At a first glance, it looked like a lost baby polar bear! Keeping some distance, I started snapping photos right away and I was hoping that I could capture it looking at me. My hands were freezing, but I didn’t wanna move a bit.

Finally, I got the look I was longing for.


Cuteness overload, right?


P.S. stay tuned, as I will be posting more photos from this great weekend escape 🙂

Press pause. Walk.


Mountain Pelion offers a range of hiking trails and stone paths. Many of them were built centuries ago and they served as a connection between the villages. They lead the traveler to springs, coves and numerous wonderful beaches.

Walking in such paths makes you feel alive.

You hear your footsteps on the dry tree leaves. You smell the nature’s breath. You drink the crystal clear, cold water from the springs. You look around and try to soak in all the beauty. You touch the unspoilt wood, the hard rock.


In some parts the stone paths of Tsagkarada brought to mind a fairytale land.

Pelion has actually been a fairytale land, as it is mentioned in Greek mythology as the homeland of the Centaurs, a tribe of  half-man, half-horse beings.


The sunbeams intertwine in between the branches, the breeze brings the waves of the sea into the woods and I wish never to get to the end of the path.


Press pause. Look.


This time I didn’t have to go far to be amazed by nature.
I found a small paradise just by the corner, a few kilometres from my hometown. Two days were enough to fall in love…

…with Tsagkarada, a small village split in three. Spending a weekend there I got to realise all the beauty I could discover in Pelion, a colorful mountain spotted by picturesque villages. To be honest, I’ve hardly explored it, while it’s a treasure hiding right in front of my eyes.

Tsagkarada was the ideal place to relax, slow down and indulge myself in taking photos of every corner.


To be continued…