First blog post (or Calends)

According to Wikipedia, the latin word “kalendae” (English: calends/kalends) would stand for the first day of every month in the Roman calendar. Obviously, the word calendar derives from it. The ancient Romans would signify with the word “kalendae” the start of a new lunar phase. On this day, the debtors had to pay off their debts, which were then inscribed in the “kalendaria”, accounting books of the time.

This word is also found in Greek language, even if it is rarely used:


A “kalandari” could either be an accounting book or a simple calendar.
It is also the title of a CD I really like:

Personally, I’m not good either at keeping track of money or keeping track of time that passes by. Still, I hope this latter won’t affect this new “blog phase” I will delve into. Or, to say it otherwise, it won’t make me postpone it ad Kalendas Graecas!




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