Children of the Sun

Craving for Sun.
This is how I would describe my current wish with 3 words.

Observing and experiencing the sequence of the 4 seasons is definitely a privilege and I thank Lithuania for all the pure beauty that I have witnessed all around.

Still, I cannot deny that I have missed a clear sky, a bright morning, a warm afternoon quite many times during these past months. Sun is in my genes anyhow!

So, this is a post dedicated to this yellow, hot, round god.
All these photos, taken at different times of day, are children of the Sun.



2 in 1



Here’s some inspiration…



Longing for (true) spring to come

Walking and looking around, you can see some signs of nature “waking up”.
The colours, the smells, the sounds are slowly, but steadily changing.
It is such a beautiful process to observe.
Let us hope that the blossoms will turn into flowers soon!