I started out this blog during my stay in Lithuania, an endlessly green land in the Baltics. Being a volunteer there for about a year, I lived in a little town with a big lake. The town was called Biržai and it was up in the north of the country. It was then that I wrote the previous About page:

“Finding myself in a place where human and nature coexist in a way I’ve never seen before, I decided to grab my camera and capture the beauty all around. Unconsciously, I chose the concept of this blog even before having the idea to create it. This happened gradually, as I was taking more and more pictures of nature and its always changing palette. Somehow I felt really charmed by the spells that would change the colour of the leaves, the mood of the sky or the movement of the lake.

My colourful “archive” getting richer, I decided that I need a wall to hang my pictures on, a wall on which I can contemplate nature’s art. So, consider this blog as a wall divided in 4 quarters (and avoid thinking of the quarters of a pizza, as I did!). These 4 quarters will be filled gradually with photos showing how the natural world is changing. My amateur collage will also have some bits of text, a thought or two, some song that pops into my head. And once the circle is completed and the 4 quarters filled, I hope I’ll get to capture again nature’s beauty in spring, summer, fall, winter…and spring.”

This one year experience came to an end and I returned back to my home country, Greece. But, in the meantime, I got to realize two simple things: how much I like photography and how much I need to be close to nature. Unfortunately, I can’t have both happening that easily in the city where I live now, but I’m trying to as often as I can. Much like the seasons of the year, this blog’s character changes overtime, but I hope you’ll follow me on this round the year trip. 🙂