Winds of spring



ok, that’s actually an unsuccessful attempt of shooting a macro photo, but I loved the dreamy effect that the wind gave to it.


Such a perfect day

Haven’t had the time (and the will) to create a fresh post for long time now. I couldn’t get myself to sit down in front of the screen, I guess. Anyway, enough with self-pity.

This time it’s all about Cretan nature again!


Last Sunday, I participated in a hike that took place near Heraklion and it was an open invitation to families, kids and people that haven’t tried hiking before.

Roughly, the path we followed took us from Knossos, an ancient site of the Minoan civilization, to Archanes, a village 15 km south of Heraklion.




Major part of the path and our goal, let’s say, was to walk through Knosano Gorge (

Some parts were a bit steeper and harder to walk on, but we were constantly compensated by the beautiful scenery of vineyards drenched in the sun!


Another quite memorable image was this old aqueduct dating back to the times of Venetian occupation in Crete. It is still standing there for the lucky ones to pass by it.



Almost reaching Archanes, I stopped and stared at a lonely little church in the distance. For a moment, this picture felt utterly Greek. It is my favorite one from the day.




Oh, such a perfect day.

As green as it gets

Living in Lietuva, the “Rain Country”, I’m already used to unexpected showers. They would usually spoil a fine warm day and make me regret that I don’t have my umbrela with me. Still, thanks to these unexpected and not always welcome rainy interludes, the whole town has turned into a green paradise!

Here is the proof 🙂











Featuring: a duckie.