When autumn leaves start to fall…


Getting a bit nostalgic with this week’s Photo Challenge: Windows



12 months, 4 seasons, 1 year

This is a different post.

DSCN2363 (2)

It is about time and nature. It is about how I experienced time through nature’s changes.

This year I was living and volunteering in Lithuania, in a small city in the north called Biržai. Something that surprised me from the very beginning was the way that human and nature seemed to get along perfectly here. Coming from a city in Greece, I couldn’t get enough of all the greenery around. It looked like this was an endlessly green land. Indeed, it is.

Gradually I was drawn by the charm of nature and started taking photos. Every season, every month had something new and different to showcase. If you would stop and stare, you would notice how the same scenery would change over and over again, while maintaining its beauty.

Life in Biržai had its ups and downs and at times it was challenging just to get through another day. Then I would often turn to nature, which would continue its course with a steady, unaffected pace. There was wisdom in this pace, there was consistency and coherence. It made you feel small, but then again it helped you forget any little problems, ease the stress.

I think that by now the biggest part of photos I took this year is dedicated to and inspired by nature. This year was a year of big and important changes and nature helped me see that there is nothing permanent except change.

DSCN3525 (2)
sunset by Širvėna lake

Children of the Sun

Craving for Sun.
This is how I would describe my current wish with 3 words.

Observing and experiencing the sequence of the 4 seasons is definitely a privilege and I thank Lithuania for all the pure beauty that I have witnessed all around.

Still, I cannot deny that I have missed a clear sky, a bright morning, a warm afternoon quite many times during these past months. Sun is in my genes anyhow!

So, this is a post dedicated to this yellow, hot, round god.
All these photos, taken at different times of day, are children of the Sun.



2 in 1



Here’s some inspiration… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fclmGZrnvzk