Paint it Pink

Just look at these colours!



P.S. this must be my most spontaneous post ever! One shot from the camera to the blog. I hope you love it as much as I did. Anyway, we’re all sunset addicts.


Press pause. Look.


This time I didn’t have to go far to be amazed by nature.
I found a small paradise just by the corner, a few kilometres from my hometown. Two days were enough to fall in love…

…with Tsagkarada, a small village split in three. Spending a weekend there I got to realise all the beauty I could discover in Pelion, a colorful mountain spotted by picturesque villages. To be honest, I’ve hardly explored it, while it’s a treasure hiding right in front of my eyes.

Tsagkarada was the ideal place to relax, slow down and indulge myself in taking photos of every corner.


To be continued…

All along the watchtower

This time I decided to give a try to the Daily Post photo challenge. It is all about waiting.

Some days before leaving Lithuania, while packing, I looked out of my window and had a WOW moment. It was sunset time. And these Lithuanian sunsets are pure magic. I grabbed my camera, placed it by the window and snapped some photos every few minutes. Yes, I just tried to capture the moment somehow. The colours would slowly and gradually change and I loved how the sky’s palette would bring out so many different hues.

So, there it goes: Waiting



as the sun goes down.