Wildly beautiful land


It’s been long since my last post, but I’ve put much love into this new one.


Since I came back to Greece, I was aware of the fact that I won’t be that close to nature as I would like. Whether I like it or not, cities are much alienated from the natural world and it requires some small effort to get into the wild, let’s say. Last Sunday, however, I had this chance of getting some outdoors activity in the nature. Along with the local trekking club, we ventured into a gorge near Heraklion.


I paid attention to every plant and flower around.
I felt like rediscovering the mediterranean nature.




The trail led us deeper into the dry gorge, in a quite rocky part of it. This was the most challenging part in our way, but the scenery all around did not fail to impress.




Looking up in the sky, we would often see eagles flying around. It was something else to feel so close to such proud and impressive animals.



In the last few kilometres, the trail continued sideways and not in the middle of the gorge. We came accross some beautiful, fairytale-like alleys between the trees.


Reaching the end of the trail, somewhere close to a village, we got to admire a true Cretan panorama: olive trees under a blue sky, as far as the eye can see.



All along the watchtower

This time I decided to give a try to the Daily Post photo challenge. It is all about waiting.

Some days before leaving Lithuania, while packing, I looked out of my window and had a WOW moment. It was sunset time. And these Lithuanian sunsets are pure magic. I grabbed my camera, placed it by the window and snapped some photos every few minutes. Yes, I just tried to capture the moment somehow. The colours would slowly and gradually change and I loved how the sky’s palette would bring out so many different hues.

So, there it goes: Waiting



as the sun goes down.

Birdies num num!


Here’s a…feathered post dedicated to some of the birds one gets to see on Suomenlinna island, which is located in the Gulf of Finland, just 15 minutes from the port of Helsinki.

I recently visited the Finnish capital and I had the chance to walk around this beautiful place and take a peek at some bird species I’ve never seen before.



DSCN3961 (2)




If you’re curious, here are some of them:

Head in the clouds…but down to earth!

On one of the few sunny days of these summer, we headed to a small village nearby.

Walking under such an amazing sky and looking at the distant horizon was a real pleasure. The fluffy clouds felt almost palpable and the blue colour was infinite.

That day we had the chance to relax from top to…bottom! Walking barefoot on a trail made of different natural materials was a really refreshing experience. It helped us “switch off”, calm down and enjoy the surroundings.


DSCN3828 (2)

DSCN3831 (2)




DSCN3852 (2)

DSCN3856 (2)

DSCN3859 (3)

DSCN3865 (2)

Keep your heeead up!

I haven’t posted anything for a month, but I finally had this flash of inspiration – and some really good photos – so, it was about time!

This time, it’s all about the sky and its ever-changing moods and colours.

I was lucky enough to stay in a room with a biiig window, so I could contemplate the amazing palette that would be revealed up in the sky. Sometimes the colours would be changing from minute to minute, then they would blend into each other or they would just fade into the twilight. All in all, it is pure beauty.











So, keep your heeeead up!

As green as it gets

Living in Lietuva, the “Rain Country”, I’m already used to unexpected showers. They would usually spoil a fine warm day and make me regret that I don’t have my umbrela with me. Still, thanks to these unexpected and not always welcome rainy interludes, the whole town has turned into a green paradise!

Here is the proof 🙂











Featuring: a duckie.

Children of the Sun

Craving for Sun.
This is how I would describe my current wish with 3 words.

Observing and experiencing the sequence of the 4 seasons is definitely a privilege and I thank Lithuania for all the pure beauty that I have witnessed all around.

Still, I cannot deny that I have missed a clear sky, a bright morning, a warm afternoon quite many times during these past months. Sun is in my genes anyhow!

So, this is a post dedicated to this yellow, hot, round god.
All these photos, taken at different times of day, are children of the Sun.



2 in 1



Here’s some inspiration… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fclmGZrnvzk